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Popular questions

Sending a parcel internationally, using Boxette, will take just few minutes:

  1. Register shipment on our web-page
  2. Bring the package to our office or send it to us
  3. Remit a payment on our web-page ot at the office and the parcel will be sent to the destination country.








Monday-Friday - from 10:00 to 19:00

Saturday - From 10:00 to !8:00

Sunday - From 10:00 to 15:00



Monday-Friday - from 10:00 to 19:00


Shipping rates depend on parcel weight, dimensions and destination address. Calculations can be done on our web-page, using shipping calculator.

Transit times for packages sent from Ukraine to the USA are around 10 days. 


Transit time for packages sent from Georgia to the USA are around 10-12 working days.


Transit time for packages sent from Georgia to EU are around 7-8 working days, to the rest of the world - from 14 working days.


Minimum chargeable weight for the shipments from Ukraine is 100 grams. 


Minimum chargeable weight for shipments from Georgia to the USA is 250 grams.


Minimum chargeable weight for the shipments from Georgia to the rest of the world is not set.


Chargeable weight of the shipment is the larger sum between physical and dimensional weights. Shipping price of a parcel can be calculated using our calculator (Ссылка на калькулятор)


Dimensional weight can be calculated using the following formula: L*W*H/5000 for Ukraine and L*W*H/6000 for Georgia.


  • Insurance - Your shipment will be insured on the whole declared value during the transportation. Service fee is set as 2.5% of the shipment declared value. It covers losses caused by damage or a mislay of a shipment. 


  • Signature - the recipient puts a signature as a proof of shipment delivery. Service fee depends on the postal service. For USPS it is set as $5 per package. For Fedex - $7.5 per package.

Maximum weight for a single package can be 30 kg. Length + (Height + Width)*2 should not be more than 274cm.


In case of sending heavier freight or with bigger dimensions, please contact us for calculations.



Fragile or dimensional items should be packed according to the international safety standards:


  • Use the enough quantity of packing materials
  • Make sure that item is steadily packed and does not move in the box
  • Use bubble wraps in order to protect items inside the box


When choosing this service on the shipment, it is insured on the declared value. Service fee is calculated as 2.5% of declared value. Insurance case is considered to be a damage or a loss of a shipment.


Non insured shipments are not compensated.



Our partners in the states are such leading postal services as USPS, Fedex and UPS. 


It is very simple!  In order to pay our service fees, you can top up balance at your profile on our web-page or you can do the payment at our office by cash or card.

As soon as your package is processed at our local warehouse, you will get an e-mail with a tracking code. All the information will also be available in your profile at our web-page.

Up to date status about the shipment is always available in your profile. In addition there will be an e-mail sent with any update on a parcel.

Customs clearance limit for parcels in the USA is $800. If the value of a shipment is more than this, it is considered to be a commercial freight and is eligible for relative customs procedure. 


Our logistics department can calculate customs clearance for any kind of freight.



All information will be displayed in your personal account on our website. You will also receive email notifications about each of the delivery stages, namely:

  • creation of a parcel;
  • receiving at a warehouse in Kiev;
  • departure from Ukraine;
  • transfer for delivery to a courier service in the United States (USPS, Fedex);
  • final delivery (US track can be tracked on the website of the US carrier).

If you have any additional questions, our manager will always be able to help you!


We accompany clients at all stages of delivery, including  customs control. All communication with the customs service is carried out by our logistics department.


The duty-free limit for entry into the US is $ 800. Parcels exceeding $ 800 are tax deductible and are considered to be commercial cargo.


Our logistics department will make a personal calculation of the delivery for you.


FBA prep center is a warehouse where freight can be stored and processed before sending to Amazon. Our prep center provides such services as FNSKU labeling, Bundling, Box-forwarding, Inspection, Storage, removal and return processing, Etc.



FBM service is dedicated for the sellers that sell their goods from third party warehouses. We give an opportunity of selling at any marketplace and have got software integration with the leading ones that help to automate the selling process.

FBA prep center order processing time at warehouse can vary from 1 to 3 days, depending on the volume of an order.

FBM orders at Boxette are processed on the same day if the order was received before 11:00 and on the second working day, if they were received later.


We can organize your freight delivery to our warehouse with our own logistic chains, or you can  do it yourself. However, before sending goods to our warehouse, please pay attention to the following guidelines:


  1. Please inform us before sending the freight. Description, packing list and weight should be provided.


  1. Please make sure that all the details of recipient are indicated correctly on the shipping label:


Name: Name that you are registered with in our database.

Address line 1:26a Parkway circle

Address line 2: Boxette logistics and fulfillment - Name of a client

City: New Castle

Zip code: 19720-4077

State: DE



We can ship your freight with any postal carrier upon your request. However, most frequently, we work with USPS, Fedex and UPS

If goods sold from our warehouse are returned back, or you would like to remove returned goods from Amazon warehouse, we are ready to receive and process them. Basic processing means receiving and providing basic visual inspection. Detailed inspection is also available upon your request.


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