What is the payment process for Fulfillment services?

Before sending the goods, you make a Deposit in the amount of $150 and pay for the delivery of goods from Ukraine / Georgia to our American warehouse, according to the tariffs of our company. This amount, $150, will be listed on your balance sheet and will be spent, if necessary, for storage services, processing and shipping of goods to customers (at the rates of American delivery services in the United States).

When the money on the balance is over, you will receive a notification in the mail, with an invoice and details, which you need to pay. Until the funds are credited, work with your cargo will be suspended.

Who pays for shipping goods from a Boxette warehouse to a buyer in the United States?

Boxette processes the order and pays the service fee for local delivery. You will then receive an invoice about payment, along with fulfilled actions and its fees to your E-mail address. The e-mail will also indicate the details for payment.