How to deliver goods for trade from Georgia to the USA?

To send cargo from Georgia to the USA, you must prepare the cargo and call our representative who will pick it up from your address

The goods are pre-measured and weighed to determine the cost of delivery, then you pay for the delivery service and make an advance payment of $ 150 as a deposit. After which, your goods are dispatched by the next flight (takes from 5 to 20 business days).

After the goods arrive at our American warehouse, the program is updated (it takes 24 hours) after which, your customers can place orders.

How to deliver goods from other countries for sale in the USA?

You can use the services of any courier service to deliver goods to our American warehouse from anywhere in the world. After delivery, you must be sure to notify us of the date your goods arrived at our warehouse.

What is the customs procedure for import to the USA?

Cargo worth up to $ 800 and up to 30 kg does not need to be cleared at the American border, unless it contains goods, that are subject for FDA certification.

If the weight or value of your cargo exceeds this limit, before sending the cargo, you will need to provide a customs code of the goods. The size of the duty depends on the type of product and is charged individually (some types of goods are not taxed at all).

After receiving our request, if any tax is imposed, you must submit the following documents:

  • invoice
  • commodity (customs) code;
  • detailed description of the goods;
  • completed brokerage form.

After you send the documents, you will receive the details for paying the fee and services of the broker. Brokerage services will depend on the size of the cargo and will vary from 300 to 500 $.

After making the payment, within 24 hours your cargo will be sent to our American warehouse.

If the value of your cargo exceeds $ 200, or has more than 3 units of the same product, it will be cleared at the Ukrainian border. The customs clearance fee will be charged at 10% of the value of the goods. No customs clearance fees needed on Georgian border.