How to deliver goods for trade from Georgia to the USA?

To send cargo from Georgia to the USA, you must prepare the cargo and call our representative who will pick it up from your address

The goods are pre-measured and weighed to determine the cost of delivery, then you pay for the delivery service and make an advance payment of $ 150 as a deposit. After which, your goods are dispatched by the next flight (takes from 5 to 20 business days).

After the goods arrive at our American warehouse, the program is updated (it takes 24 hours) after which, your customers can place orders.

How to deliver goods from other countries for sale in the USA?

You can use the services of any courier service to deliver goods to our American warehouse from anywhere in the world. After delivery, you must be sure to notify us of the date your goods arrived at our warehouse.

What is the customs procedure for import to the USA?

Cargo worth up to $ 800 and up to 30 kg does not need to be cleared at the American border, unless it contains goods, that are subject for FDA certification.

If the weight or value of your cargo exceeds this limit, before sending the cargo, you will need to provide a customs code of the goods. The size of the duty depends on the type of product and is charged individually (some types of goods are not taxed at all).

After receiving our request, if any tax is imposed, you must submit the following documents:

  • invoice
  • commodity (customs) code;
  • detailed description of the goods;
  • completed brokerage form.

After you send the documents, you will receive the details for paying the fee and services of the broker. Brokerage services will depend on the size of the cargo and will vary from 300 to 500 $.

After making the payment, within 24 hours your cargo will be sent to our American warehouse.

If the value of your cargo exceeds $ 200, or has more than 3 units of the same product, it will be cleared at the Ukrainian border. The customs clearance fee will be charged at 10% of the value of the goods. No customs clearance fees needed on Georgian border.

Delivery terms from Georgia for Fulfillment?

Shipping from Georgia to the US takes 5-20 business days, without customs clearance.

How are orders processed at the Boxette warehouse for Fulfillment?

Our company integrates with your trading platform, automatically receives orders and our employees send them to your buyers, using local postal services. Orders are sent on the same day, if the order is received before 12 pm and the day after, if they are received later.

Delivery terms from Ukraine to US for Fulfillment?

Shipping from Ukraine to the US takes 5-14 business days without customs clearance.

How can I cash out the profit from sales in Ukraine?

Since the Amazon and Ebay trading platforms do not provide the ability to withdraw funds directly using a Georgian/Ukrainian bank card, you can use payment systems such as Payoneer or PayPal.

When creating an account on any of these platforms, you can first receive funds from the buyer in your bank account within the system, and then transfer the profit to your Georgian/Ukrainian card.

How are the returns processed?

If the buyer wants to return the goods, he will send it back to our warehouse. When we receive the goods, we take a picture and register the goods in the program (you can also independently track this in your cabinet). Current service fees range from $ 1.5 to $ 3 depending on the weight and size of the goods.

How to control the stock of goods in a Boxette warehouse?

After signing the cooperation agreement, you will have a personal cabinet on our platform. Once you have access to the program, you will be able to view your supplies.

How long does it take for the cargo to be disposed of at our warehouse in case of non-payment (Fulfillment)?

If you fail to pay our services within 30 calendar days, your product will be disposed of.

What is the minimum calculated shipment weight from Georgia/Ukraine to the USA in the direction of Fulfillment?

The minimum estimated weight of the shipped goods must be at least 10 kg. This means that in case of sending less, you still have to pay for 10 kg. The minimum quantity of goods received at warehouse is 50 units. Other quantities can be negotiated.

What is the minimum shipment weight from Georgia to the USA in the direction of Fulfillment?

The minimum chargeable weight of the shipped goods is 10kg. It means, that in case of sending less, you will have to pay for the transportation of 10 kg freight. The minimum quantity of goods received to the warehouse is 50 units. (less quantities should be agreed separately).

How to create trading profile on Ebay?

1. Go to eBay.com. In the top line, find the “Register” button and click on it. Next, you will be taken to the registration page.

2. You can create an account on eBay.com in several ways:

  • Fill out the form on the registration page;
  • Use your Facebook account
  • Use your Google Account.

3. After entering your first and last name in English (as in your passport or on a bank card), enter the current email address, create a password and click “Create account”.

4. The initial registration phase is over. And now you are in your account on Ebay. But in order to change your account from normal to trading, you need to do a few more steps.

5. Click on your name at the top, and in the new pop-up window click on “Account settings”.

6. At the next stage, you will need to enter personal data by clicking on the “Personal information” button.

7. Go down this page to the “Financial information” section. In the line below, click "Automatic payment method".

8. Going to the next page, click “Create a seller’s account”.

9. The next step is to verify your identity. Check if your personal information is correctly indicated (surname, name, address and phone number), if everything is correct, click “Text me”. After that, an SMS with a confirmation code will come to your phone.

10. In the next window you will need to enter the received code into the “Security code” line and click the “Continue” button.

11. After, you will be on the main page of your trading account. But before you enter all the information on your product, it’s worth entering your bank details. To do this, you need to refresh the page, so you will again be on your primary page. Again click on “Account settings” - “Personal information” - and in the “Financial information”, click on the first line.

12. Thus, since you have already verified your account, you will have access to the choice of payment systems. You can only make payments on the Ebay trading platform using PayPal (in which you must first register).

13. Click Continue to PayPal.

14. Enter the email address that you specified when registering on the site of the PayPal payment system. After, click “Next”.

15. Enter your card details, and indicate the address of your registration. After entering all the information, click “Add”.

16. After your card is approved, you will need to confirm that you agree to the PayPal payment system by clicking on “Agree & Continue”.

17. After confirmation of the agreement, the main page of your office will open for you. Now you can directly start creating trading content and deposit your goods. To do this, click on the "Sell" button.

18. In the next line, enter the type of product you want to sell. Below you will immediately see a list with details (for example, what kind of clothing it is, for women or for men, etc.) from which you can choose what suits you best. Thus, Ebay will determine the category that is most suitable for you.

19. Next, you can see a huge variation of the products that are presented in this category, and choose the most similar to your product. After you have selected a product, click “Sell one like this”. Thus, the product description will be entered automatically, and you can edit only those details that do not match.

20. Next, you can change the table of contents of the product, add its photo. You can make changes by clicking on the “Change” button.

21. Going down below, you can also indicate the price of the product, and from what time your product can be active.

22. After all the details about the product has been entered, click on “List it”. After that, your product will be displayed in your personal account, and will be ready for sale..

How to create an account in Payoneer?

Visit the website of the payment system: https://www.payoneer.com/

On the main page of the website, click on the orange “Register” button.

1. Stage "Start of registration". Enter information in all lines using the English alphabet.

If all the information is entered correctly, the “Continue” button will change its color from gray to orange. By clicking on it, you will proceed to the next stage of registration.

2. Stage "Contact Details"

3. Stage "Security Details"

4. Stage "Almost done." After you have specified your bank details, be sure to confirm your agreement with the privacy rules and tariffs of the payment system by clicking on the squares opposite these statements.

Congratulations! Your registration was successful. Within a few days, expect confirmation by mail about the start of your account on Payoneer.com

How do I create an account for sales on Amazon?

Creating a Trading Account on Amazon

1. In order to register a trading account, first you need to go to the official Amazon website by typing www.amazon.com into a browser search box. On the main page, in the top line of functions, click the "Sell" button

2 Moving to the next page, click "Start selling" (Start trading)

3. In the next window, start registration by clicking on the gray button below - “Create your Amazon account” (Create an account on Amazon)

4. In the next window, enter your name, current email address and create a password that you will use when logging into your account in the future. After entering the data, a six-digit code will be sent to your mail to confirm the your e-mail.

5. Enter your full name and surname (as in your passport or bank card). Next, click on the box below (where there is a checkmark in the picture). By this, you confirm that you agree to the terms of working on the Amazon platform. After, click the "Next" button.

6. On the next page, you will need to indicate “Business address” (your address.) You fill in the data lines as shown in the example, except for the line “Address line 2”.

In the next line, you need to indicate your unique name under which you will trade. It can be either your brand name, or your name and surname. Also, if you have a website, you can leave a link to it in the next line (if not, leave the line empty).

And the last item on this page, you will need to select a country and enter your phone number. After that, an SMS with a code will also come to your mobile. It will need to be entered in the floating window. After filling this box - click “Next”.

7. At the next stage, you will need to enter the details of your card.

8. To go through the next step, you will need to pre-register on a Payoneer or PayPal payment platform. Here you need to duplicate the same information that you provided when registering on their website, namely the country, username, nine-digit bank code and bank account number.

9. The last step is to enter information about the product and how to sell it.

In the first question, you will need to indicate what type of account you want to have - personal (Individual) or professional (Business).

In the second question, you need to indicate whether you are a citizen of America. Choose yes or no.

Next, type your name and surname again.

10. The line “Federal Tax Classification” is filled in automatically, based on the data you entered earlier.

The next step is to fill out information about the location (address) of the business. That is, if you work officially and are an entrepreneur, you need to specify the address for which your company is registered. If you are not an entrepreneur, enter the address of your residence or registration.

In the line "Taxpayer Identification Number" you need to indicate your identification code (tax number). To do this, you need to click on the arrow below and select EIN (SSN or ITIN - US citizens only.) And indicate your identification code in the line on the right.

In the last question at this stage, you specify whether you want to leave an electronic signature. If you are not a US citizen, you need to select the "yes" option (since you cannot physically sign if you are not in America).

11. Next, enter your first and last name, the date of the agreement will be set in the line below (automatically). After all the lines are filled out, click “Submit” (Confirm).

12. After that, when all the important information regarding your business is entered, you will only have to answer a few questions directly about your product and select the category in which you want your product to be displayed.

13. After you answer the questions by clicking “Next”, you can go to the next page, on which you will need to select 1 or more categories in which you plan to place your goods.

14. After you have selected the necessary categories - click “Finish” (Finish).

Congratulations, registration is completed. After clicking the “Finish” button, you will automatically be redirected to your seller’s page on Amazon. Here you can add your products and start selling them.

How to register a trading account on Etsy?

1. Enter etsy.com in the search bar. Having come to the official site of the trading platform - click "Sell on Etsy".

2. On the next page, click “Open your Etsy shop”.

3. Enter the current email address and click Continue.

4. Enter your name in English and create a password that you will use to enter your trading account on the Etsy platform. After filling in the fields - click on “Register”.

5. In order to enter all the necessary data to start trading, in the upper right corner, click “Shop manager”. In the next window, you will need to enter general information: the language of the store, the country in which the store is located and also the currency in which you will evaluate your goods and receive a payment for it. After filling in all the lines, in the lower right corner, click “Save and continue”.

6. Next, you need to enter the name of your store or brand under which you will sell your product. After you have entered the name, click “Check availability”. If the line lights up in red, it will mean that the store with the given name already exists, and you need to come up with something else. If everything is in order, after filling in the line - click "Save and continue" (Save and continue).

7. In order to continue the registration, you will need to register one of your products. To do this, click "Register a new product" and after "Save and continue" (Save and continue).

8. Add one or more photos of your product by clicking on the box labeled “Add a photo”. Going below, you will need to enter more detailed information about the product.

Next, you need to enter information about how your product will be called, what category it belongs to, who is the manufacturer, and also the period of manufacture of the product (the fields that are required are marked with red circles).

The lines below are optional. These details of the product description can be entered at the will of the seller.

The product description line is required. We recommend entering the text in English. In this paragraph, you can tell potential buyers not only what the product consists of, but also about the process of its manufacture.

In the next block, enter the value of the goods and the number of units.

Next, you will need to specify the region from which the goods will be delivered, as well as the delivery time in which the client will be able to receive his order.

After that, go down to the bottom of the page and click “Save and continue”.

9. On this page, you can either add another product, or by clicking “Save and continue”, go to the next step - entering bank details.

10. Select the payment system that you will use to receive payment from sales. Since the Etsy Payment system is available only to US citizens, click on “Other payment methods”, and in the next window, select “PayPal”.

11. Enter the username and password that you use to enter your personal account on the PayPal payment platform. Next, click “Save.”

12. One of the last steps will be to confirm the relevance of your email address. To do this, click on "Forward a confirmation email." After that, log in to your inbox and open a letter from Etsy, click “Confirm account”.

13. On the next page that you will see, click on “Shop manager”. Next, you need to indicate how you will pay for the services of the Etsy trading platform. You can either select PayPal, or indicate your Ukrainian card (in the green box).

In the red window you are warned that upon completion of registration 20 cents for registration of goods will be deducted from your card. Upon completion of the entry, click “Open your shop” at the bottom of the page.

Congratulations on completing your registration !!! Active sales to you and grateful buyers !!!

What is the payment process for Fulfillment services?

Before sending the goods, you make a Deposit in the amount of $150 and pay for the delivery of goods from Ukraine / Georgia to our American warehouse, according to the tariffs of our company. This amount, $150, will be listed on your balance sheet and will be spent, if necessary, for storage services, processing and shipping of goods to customers (at the rates of American delivery services in the United States).

When the money on the balance is over, you will receive a notification in the mail, with an invoice and details, which you need to pay. Until the funds are credited, work with your cargo will be suspended.

What are the freight-forwarding directions from China?

Boxette offers regular transportation from China to USA, Canada, EU, UK, however, all other directions can also be organized upon quote request.

Is it possible to deliver freight to Boxette warehouse in the US and forward to Amazon upon request?

It is possible to deliver freight from China to our warehouse in the USA and forward them to Amazon as soon as they give quotes on certain quantities.

What is the customs clearance procedure for freight delivered from China to The USA, EU, The UK, Canada?

All the procedures, related to custom's clearance, are solved by our brokers. Service fee and taxes are included in transportation costs.

What are the delivery terms from China to the UK?

Sea freight take approximately 45-50 days to be delivered from China to the UK

What are the freight delivery terms from China to EU?

Sea freight from China to EU takes approximately 45-50 days. Railway takes approximately 30-35 days.

What are the delivery terms from China to the USA?

Sea freight takes 25-30 days to be delivered from China to the USA. Air freight takes 10-12 days. As for express air, it takes 3-5 days only.

What can't be imported to the US?

Below is a list of prohibited items. Attempts to ship anything from this list may result in criminal liability, fines and even imprisonment:

  • Aerosols, dispensers (fragrances, varnishes, deodorants, etc.) - in case of air carriers
  • Dangerous objects: weapons and spare parts / accessories (optics, a bushel, paintball weapons), explosives, fireworks, radioactive materials, disassembled components of weapons and ammunition
  • Fire extinguishers, rescue vests or bulletproof vests
  • Caustic and flammable substances (paints, adhesives, chemicals, flammable resins, solvents, liquids, compressed air, products that contain any gases, alcohols, acids, varnishes ...) - In the case of air transportation
  • Household goods that contain flammable or aggressive liquids - In the case of air transportation
  • Lithium batteries (except for cases when lithium batteries are included in the factory kit for a telephone, laptop, tablet or other electrical device) - In the case of air transportation
  • Live or inanimate animals, seeds, seedlings of plants, samples of natural stones - Need a license
  • Magnets or objects that contain ferromagnetic materials - In the case of air transportation
  • Money or stocks, bonds, antiques (paintings, coins, etc.), precious metals, jewelry
  • Documents, letters, securities
  • Passports, birth certificates, documents, letters, securities
  • Pornographic materials
  • Medicines - requires a license
  • Tobacco and tobacco products, accessories for tobacco products, electronic cigarettes and their components - requires a license
  • Animal skins, furs, ivory and ivory goods - requires a license
  • Beverages - requires license
  • Alcohol - requires a license
  • Any pet food - requires a license
  • Military uniforms and accessories - requires a license
  • All products for which, under US law, an import license is required (without providing such a license)
  • Military products - requires a license
  • Products requiring a special temperature regime
  • Offensive and controversial materials, products that support or promote hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance, or promote organizations with such views.
  • Drugs and prohibited substances, as well as drugs, which must be issued strictly under license.
  • Hazardous substances, such as mercury batteries, industrial cleaners, fireworks, etc.
  • Products that depict nudity: amateur pornography, products containing nudity on the label, etc.
  • Placement of goods on Amazon in some categories requires downloading additional information and coordination with administrations. In particular, it is forbidden to sell lighting devices, cots, toys, medicines that have not passed US certification. Toys mimicking weapons are only available in select areas and also require prior approval.
  • What is the transit time from Georgia to EU countries?

    Transit time for packages sent from Georgia to the EU is 7 working days since departure. Packages are sent from Georgia once per week.

    What is the transit time from Georgia to non EU countries?

    Transit time for packages sent from Georgia to non EU countries, is 10-11 working days to Australia and Canada, around 14 working days for the rest of the world. Packages are sent once per week.

    Who pays for shipping goods from a Boxette warehouse to a buyer in the United States?

    Boxette processes the order and pays the service fee for local delivery. You will then receive an invoice about payment, along with fulfilled actions and its fees to your E-mail address. The e-mail will also indicate the details for payment.

    What is the customs clearance value limit for package sent to EU countries?

    Customs limit for packages sent to EU countries, is 22 Euros. If the value of the package is more than this amount, but less than 150 Euros, VAT will be applied. If value is over 150 Euros, import tax will be applied together with VAT. Since July 1st 2021, customs limit will become 0.

    How is the customs cleared for the packages, that exceed customs limits in value for EU countries?

    Packages that exceed customs limits in value for EU member countries, are cleared at the EU border and all the duties are collected from the consignee, if they are not prepaid while sending. Consignee will also have to pay commission of postal service, for collecting taxes.

    What are maximum allowed weight and dimensions for package?

    Maximum weight for EU parcels at the moment is 2kg. Maximum dimensions are 60cm for length, 60cm for height, 60cm for Width. Length+height+width should be less than 90cm. (We are actively working to increase those limits in the nearest future).

    Maximum weight for non EU countries is 30kg per package. The longest side should be less than 1.5 meters, Length and Girth 2*(width+height) combined should be less than 3 meters.

    What kind of details are required about package recipient?

    Name and full address of recipient are required in order to make a shipment. It is desirable but not required to have phone number and e-mail of the recipient as it will simplify for the courier to contact the consignee in case of having difficulties with the delivery. If the shipment is not delivered to the recipient, it will be returned back to Georgia with the expances covered by sender.

    What happens if the package is not delivered to the consignee?

    If the package can't be delivered to the consignee, it will be returned back to Georgia, with the expances of a sender.

    ​What is the maximum allowed value for the packages sent to the USA?

    The maximum allowed value for the packages sent to the USA is not limited, but if it exceeds 800 USD, customs clearance procedure should be passed, what itself can be connected with aditional expances.